Exhibition Details

Subversive Correspondenc #1 Broadwalk Arts, Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Bristol, BS4 2QU.
Monday 20th July - Thursday 23rd July 2009

Subversive Correspondence #2
The Gallery at Willesden Green, 95 High Road, Willesden, London, NW10 2SF.
Wednesday 19th August- Wednesday 2nd September 2009
Private View 18th August 6-9pm

Curator: Diana Ali


The interpretations encounter political statements or disperse cultural observations; correspondence that is not immediate but perhaps depends on the contingencies of travel. Subversive systems of posting and collecting dialogue create the emergence of new narratives that are shared and reacted upon through hybrid texts, images and temporary ownership. Show cased as a touring exhibition at Broadwalk Arts, Bristol then at The Willesden Gallery, London, the works continue to explore language, visual interchange and systematic dialogues.



The Drawing Factory

The Drawing Factory, UK
‘The things you brought home from your travels’

The Drawing Factory is a forum for the thoughts and considerations of five artists, who work collaboratively using drawing as their primary creative tool.

The process of working together allows each artist to step outside of his or her own individual practice, and function in an alternative arena.

Adam Burton

Adam Burton
'Untitled' 51x63 cm, Printed letterpress on found paper.

This work is part of a series of letterpress posters that I printed while I was trying to find a way of making a political artwork. At the time I felt that, perhaps, this was impossible, and I was confused by my own desire to complete the task. I expressed my confusion and desperation in a variety of ways.
An installation view at EASTinternational 09

Flatten The Mountain Projects

Flatten The Mountain Projects
'Ideas Limit Themselves to the Floor'

FTM Projects present a new work that investigates the use of found and madeimagery and language as a direct response to the overwhelming nature ofvisual culture and communication. The initial starting point of the projectis their blog(communicativepictures.blogspot.com) which acts as an onlinearchive for sending images between the two members of FTM projects ZoeAnspach (London) and Eira Szadurski (Edinburgh). The piece for SubversiveCorrespondence 2 will draw on the idea the ancient inscribed tablet andmodern methods of communication.

Gillian Taylor

Gillian Taylor, UK
'Arrived safe & sound'

Original manuscript letters written during the Second World War are crafted into tiny envelopes lined with gold paper. Postcard fragments are presented in tiny bundles, each wrapped in ribbon. Gillian Taylor’s framed collections are inspired by her interest in how we communicate and how that has changed over the years.

Lee Kemp

Lee Kemp, UK
'The Suicide Book

The Suicide Handbook expresses in an open and honest account my feelings yet it is my intention not to communicate this to the viewer. Displayed digitally a series of numbered codes tell a personal account of my own failure to say how I feel. The viewers participation with the work comes in the not knowing, or to be able to understand.

Doreen Maloney

Doreen Maloney, US
"I am Kansas"
23 cm tall by 15 cm wide and 15 cm deep

Medium: Dirt from Cherry Creek Encampment historical site, Cheyenne County, Kansas; Kerr jarr; Antique Chicken Feeder
I feel strangely at home in Kansas. Suddenly I realized I am Kansas. I have eaten those cows and wheat all of my life. Using Facebook, I contacted Kim, a stranger in fancy gown from Kansas, and wrote to her asking for dirt. After a few emails, the dirt arrived.

Tabitha Moses

Tabitha Moses, UK

'Greetings From The Seaside' Limited edition letterpress postcards

Greetings from the Seaside, a series of postcards detailing morbid murders. The work’s potency is derived from the text, from the rustle in the hedgerow’ implications of something nasty lurking beneath the candyfloss comfyness of little Englander pleasure lands. These postcards have, nevertheless been carefully designed, the paper they are printed on, the choice of lettering and a single embossed black line perfectly suggest both old postcards from the 1930’s and funeral announcements…

Alex Michon, The Lost and the Found (Exhibition Catalogue), 2007.

Julie Hill

Julie Hill, UK
'Endings', 2009Series of 6 A4 laser prints on 80gsm paper

‘Endings’ is a collection of email endings collected from the artist’s personal email accounts which serves as a cultural observation about the way we close correspondences and more generally about email as a contemporary form of communication. The expressions range from the formal to the personal, sometimes verging on the absurd.

Robin Clare

Robin Clare, UK
'Stand and Deliver', Acrylic & Ink on Paper, 40cm x 50cm

My subject matter explores discarded items, using language and pattern to create a dialogue with the viewer. Choosing which phrases to use has been a really interesting process, for example some of my favourite phrases that I grew up with in Jamaica would leave most people outside the island completely stumped. So I have tried to use phrases that have filtered down through popular culture. My very first being "We could have been anything that we wanted to be" a line from one of the songs in Bugsy Malone, it seemed to fit perfectly with what my discarded appliances were singing about (in my head). I can still see them side-by-side in a chorus line flashing glimpses of their wiring while sashaying about and swinging their plugs and cords behind them. It has become a bit like an episode of Creature Comforts, as I contemplate my appliances, big and small, I can hear them waxing on about their dreams, hopes and fears.

Justin Allen

Justin Allen

What would you say to someone living a hundred years from now?

British artist Justin Allen invites you to contribute to an online artwork called VTC2.0 (messages for the future): a virtual time capsule into which you can place something for the future. The capsule will take 100 contributions before being sealed for 100 years.