Exhibition Details

Subversive Correspondenc #1 Broadwalk Arts, Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Bristol, BS4 2QU.
Monday 20th July - Thursday 23rd July 2009

Subversive Correspondence #2
The Gallery at Willesden Green, 95 High Road, Willesden, London, NW10 2SF.
Wednesday 19th August- Wednesday 2nd September 2009
Private View 18th August 6-9pm

Curator: Diana Ali


The interpretations encounter political statements or disperse cultural observations; correspondence that is not immediate but perhaps depends on the contingencies of travel. Subversive systems of posting and collecting dialogue create the emergence of new narratives that are shared and reacted upon through hybrid texts, images and temporary ownership. Show cased as a touring exhibition at Broadwalk Arts, Bristol then at The Willesden Gallery, London, the works continue to explore language, visual interchange and systematic dialogues.



Project 6

Project 6, Zagreb, Croatia

Project assambled 6 six authors into an experiment with final aim to explore connections between theme, medium and personality.
Every author refers towards the work of another simultaneously being an object of referral her/himself.

Project #2 '50 Dogmas'

Martina Miholic
Title: 'Photoshooting'
Size: various
Medium: Interactive installation

In Martina's work 'Phootoshooting', image /photography was metafor for dogmatic truth which is blindly believed, for the facts out of context and for the one dimensional information.
Photoshooting is methafor for tagging, signing and judging with a strenght of shooting.

Zdravko Horvat
Title: Untitled
Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm (vector graphics), 35 x 50 cm (texts)
Medium: 3 silk-screens on paper (texts), 3 digital prints on paper (vector graphics), 3 digital prints on paper (texts)

While the black text on whit tells us only stories about athletes success the white text on white tells us other side of professional sport that is usually omitted (injuries, death, doping…). This work is an ambivalent research thru visible and invisible forms.

Igor Juran
Title: Untitled
Size: 133x200, 133x230 cm
Medium: ink-jet print, eraser and pen drawing, three apples
Issac Newton proclaimed that “apple attracted by the gravity, shall fall whether it is or not God’s will”. The catholic as scientific dogma also began with an apple.
Drawing with an eraser refers to a ”deleted portrait” of Zdravko, presenting its negative image and allowing his existence. At the end apple falls instead of him, making his liberation complete.

Tea Hatadi
Title: 'And God Created Woman'
Size: original work 11x (25x30cm)
Medium: mixed media

Artist dissects own issues towards the filth in the urban space and indolent life existencies in urban circle. In process of tracing neighbor’s rejection of unnecessary items from the point of rejection to the point of accumulation and re-emerging of these in the possession of people from the edge of urbanity which modus vivendi stimulates a certain notion of disgust.

Maja Rozman
Title: Untitled
Size: stickers 4 x 9 cm
Medium: action, installation (stickers)

The autor Maja Rozman follows risom line within the analogy of an informatical thought developing mental maps, analyzing images, terms, and landmarks of today in lingual postulates only to additionally disseminate them within a simple and clear visual expression inside of the gallery space or within a street public domain.

Karla Suler
Size: 3 books..cca 30 x 45 cm
Medium: installation

Karla Suler deals with a perception of language as a mediator of universal consciousness of society, within certain contextual parameters.A communist manifesto, fairytale or Bible, an open installation in a gallery space, stamped in script of paradoxically universal form of Braille letter, creates a delusion-an inability to identify a thought.